AKONA 3.5mm Seco-Self Draining Boots

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Do your boots hold water between dives? Do they get so loose that your feet slosh around in them? The new Akona Seco Boot solves all of these problems. With its innovative new design, the Seco Boot allows water to effortlessly drain out through the soles when exiting the water. Small drain holes throughout the sole that allow water to drain out. Similar to a wetsuit, water enters the boot, warms up and stays warm, upon exiting the water, the Seco boot allows water to constantly drain. Seco boots never get sloshy or loose due to filling up with water. Boot is made from durable 3.5mm Nylon ll neoprene. Boots have a heavy molded sole. Protective toe and heel cap protect these heavy wear areas extending the life of the boot. Glued and blind stitched seams mean warmth and durability. All edges finished with black, sewn elastic nylon binding that prevents wear and tears. Boots have zippers for easy donning and doffing and a dam that prevents water from seeping into boot and keeps you warmer.