Covid19 Information

Changes in Class Format:

-All class sizes have been reduced.  All StarTot and StarBabies classes will now only have 4 students per class. We are introducing a new parent and me class for preschool age children that may not be ready for classes on their own called StarKids. This alternative will allow for less physical interaction with the instructor since these swimmers need more physical support. Classes for the older children are being reduced to just 3 students to allow each student to have their own swim platform. 

-We will be performing temperature checks for instructors and everyone entering the pool area.

-All instructors will be wearing clear face shields while in the water.

-We ask that families be mindful and limit class spectators to only essential family members.

-We will be offering a large range of private classes that can be booked directly on our website. Private lessons will be offered for an entire 8 week session for $350.

-We will be allowing 20 minutes between classes to break up crowding in the waiting areas. 

-We are asking all families to not enter the building more than 10 minutes before your scheduled class time.


Changes at Santa Barbara Aquatics:

-The entire building has been treated with an EPA registered dry fog called InstaPure. InstaPure kills all pathogens on contact and is non-toxic and safe for everyone. A second treatment called EverPure was then used, which creates an antimicrobial barrier that kills pathogens for 90 days. Part of this service includes weekly testing of surfaces to insure effectiveness. 

-We have implemented a strict cleaning process to supplement the InstaPure cleaning. We will clean all high traffic areas and surfaced between every class and throughout the day.

-Masks will be required for all adults and children who are able in the waiting areas. 

-We have also upgraded our pool equipment, putting in automatic chemical controllers and a soon to be installed saltwater chlorine system. We are very excited about the switch to saltwater – it will provide the same level of sanitizing but will be much gentler on the little swimmers.



Who is My Instructor?

Ashley Bolling

Ashley BollingAshley is a certified Swim Instructor Trainer with Starfish Aquatics Institute. SAI has paired up with PADI Swim Schools to offer an innovative and learner-focused curriculum using an “ages and stages” format with swim and safety benchmarks to insure a positive experience for children of all ages and skill levels. As a Red Cross certified lifeguard, Ashley knows what it takes to introduce your little ones to the water safely.

Ashley has brought her passion for teaching children safety in and around the water through a fun filled curriculum to Santa Barbara Aquatics and looks forward to bringing the joy of swimming to kids of all ages!

Shannon Mabry

Shannon MabryI have always loved the water and I grew up participating in junior lifeguards, playing water polo, and swimming competitively. I started coaching water polo when I was sixteen and found that I absolutely loved working with children. I started teaching swim lessons when I was nineteen, and continued to do so for the past three years. I recently transferred to UCSB and am looking forward to teaching lessons and getting to know the students and families at Santa Barbara Aquatics.

Jasmin Taypan

Jasmin TaypanFrom a young age I have always enjoyed swimming and being in the water. In high school I was on the water polo and the swim team, and continued water polo for 2 years in college. I also found a hobby in surfing when I moved to Santa Barbara. I transferred to UCSB in 2018 and I am currently studying to complete my Art B.F.A. I recently received my lifeguard certification and prior to transferring, I taught swim lessons for 2 years and have found that it is something that I love doing. I'm looking forward to bringing my excitement to Santa Barbara Aquatics and getting to know the students and families along the way.

Renee Lamanna

Renee LamannaI have loved being in the water for as long as I can remember. This is typically in the form of surfing or SCUBA diving. I have also had the opportunity to work as a beach and pool lifeguard for the past five years. I love sharing my enthusiasm and experience in the water with others and have done so in the form of swim and surf lessons. I am a recent graduate from UCSB with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aquatic Biology. I hope to one day earn my phD and become a famous Marine Biologist! Until then I hope to continue to share my love for the water by teaching water safety and skills at SB Aquatics!

How much does it cost?

StarBabies, StarTots and Swim School - Meets once per week for 30 minutes. 8 week session costs $200.

Stroke School and Swim Club - Meets once per week for 45 minutes. 8 week session costs $262.50.

How big are the classes?

StarBabies and StarTots are limited to 6 students, and Swim School and Specialty Classes are limited to 4-5 students to ensure each student gets enough instruction and swim time.

What class is right for my child?

Select your child's age group from the swim classes main page and you will find a handy chart to help you determine the best class for your child. If you still aren't sure, please email our swim director at Due to limited class spots, it will not always be possible to move your student to a different class if they are signed up for the wrong level class.

What is the refund policy?

Registering for a class reserves a spot in the swim lesson program. Because space is limited and instructors are contracted, cancellations cannot be refunded.

Where is available parking?

There are multiple options for parking. You can park in front of the store on Hollister as well as parking on Nectarine next to 7-11. There is also public parking designated across the street at the Community West Bank parking lot.

What do I need to bring to class?

All children must have on a bathing suit and a towel. Goggles are required for Swim School students ages 3 and up.

If my child is in StarBabies or StarTots can both parents be in the pool?

Unfortunately, due to pool size we ask that only one parent be in the pool at a time, however the other parent is welcome to watch.

What is your diaper policy?

All students under the age of four, even if they are potty trained, must wear a disposable swim diaper and an approved non–disposable swim diaper to assure a double layer of protection.  The non–disposable swim diaper must pass the two – finger test (if two fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted to enter the water).  Wearing only one diaper (regardless of the type) is not allowed.  Non-disposable swim diapers are available for purchase at our facility. Please respect our policy as we strive to provide our customers with the cleanest and safest facility possible.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and support on this matter.

Parental Supervision and Unattended Children

Please do not let children enter the pool area until the instructor calls for class to begin and leads them into the pool area. All children must be supervised by parents when not in the water. Siblings in the viewing area must be supervised as well. No child is to be left unattended in the facility. Also, parents in the parent participation classes should not enter the pool area until your class is called. 

Illness Policy: A safe and healthy environment is important for all adults and children. This illness policy is designed to protect the health of your child and family, the other families, and the staff. Please do not bring your child to swim lessons if he/she:

  1. Is sick or showing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, congestion, muscle or body aches, or any other symptoms listed by the CDC) within the last 14 days. Any swimmer experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms should stay home and seek medical advice.
  2. Has had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  3. Has traveled out of the area in the last 14 days
  4. Diarrhea in the past 14 days
  5. Vomiting or has had an ear infection within the past 14 days
  6. Has undiagnosed sores or rashes
    1. If your child has an open sore that requires a bandage please do not allow them to swim, remove ALL band-aids before entering water. If the cut or scrape requires a bandage, the child should not swim until the wound is healed. Please inform instructors of any medical conditions such as diabetes, tubes in the ears, epilepsy, asthma or any physical or mental disabilities prior to the start of lessons. These conditions do not hinder a child from participating but may affect the way a teacher attends to each student's needs.
  7. Positive Test Procedure: If a swimmer tests positive, please notify the staff as soon as possible! The facility will be shut down for deep cleaning and all members will be notified.

Please inform instructors of any medical conditions such as diabetes, tubes in the ears, epilepsy, asthma or any physical or mental disabilities prior to the start of lessons. These conditions do not hinder a child from participating but may affect the way a teacher attends to each students needs.

Photographs & Videos

Photos and videos are occasionally taken at Santa Barbara Aquatics and visual images of you and / or your child may be used for publicity purposes in newsletters, posters and advertising as well as on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Please speak with the director if you would like to make sure you or your child are not included in these photographs.

Make Up Policy

At Santa Barbara Aquatics, we believe that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. Because of that, we encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled swim class as often as possible.  Due to our low instructor to swimmer ratio it is not possible to accommodate make up lessons.

Are Private Lessons Available?

Yes! Private lessons can be booked directly from our swim class page. Private classes are $350 for an 8 week session meeting once per week.