Our Crew

Andrew Bolling – Owner

Andrew has been a diver since he was 13 years old and afull time dive professional since he was 20 years old. With decades of experience as a PADI Instructor and customer service professional, he uses his broad knowledge base to keep people happy and diving. His favorite dive sites include Fiji and Bonaire, but the best is still a day of diving in our beautiful California kelp forests!

Jed Grundy – Owner

Jed started his journey as a Marine Ecology major at Cal State Channel Islands, obtaining his AAUS Scientific Diver certification and working on various projects from the California wetlands to whale research in Hawaii. Since Jed became a PADI instructor he has consistently received PADI’s Elite Instructor Award and loves introducing students to our underwater world. As an avid technical and sidemount diver, Jed is able to navigate his students and customers through some of the trickiest gear set ups and diving sites. While Jed loves diving the Mexican Cenotes, he still loves diving Anacapa Island where he received his initial Open Water certification.

Grant Grgich – PADI Instructor

Grant is a recent UCSB graduate, where he got Open Water certified and continued on to receive his AAUS Scientific Diver Certification. Since then, he has worked as a research diver, assistant DSO, and as a divemaster aboard our favorite California dive boat. Grant’s unique range of experiences has made him a very successful young instructor – there is no place he would rather be than diving our kelp beds with his students.