PADI Underwater Navigation and Project Aware

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We are running a special on a combo Specialty Course coming up next month!
This course will consist of a Project Aware Conservation lecture, followed by a day of beach diving fine tuning your Underwater Navigation skills. At the end of the course, you will receive both the PADI Project Aware certification and the PADI Underwater Navigation specialty - all for only $150.
You can also add the PADI Equipment Specialist certification for only $50 more.
The Navigation course on its own is normally $250, so this is a great deal to get 2, or even 3, specialty certifications.
Course Cost - $150
Includes: PADI materials, certification fees, rental of the scuba gear, and tuition for the navigation and project aware courses.
Equipment Specialty Upgrade - $50
Includes PADI eLearning, practical and certification fee.
Course dates:
March 7th 6pm - Project Aware & Equipment Specialist Lecture at the shop
March 21st 6pm - Project Aware & Equipment Specialist Lecture at the shop
March 16th - 2 Underwater Navigation Dives

March 31st - 2 Underwater Navigation Dives


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