ScubaPro for Go Pro Mask Mount

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  • Must be a dual lensed mask with frame to be compatible.
  • Secure mounting so you can enjoy the dive without worrying about losing your GoPro.
  • Low volume, lightweight and easy to attach to the mask.
  • Mono/frame-less masks will not work with this item.
Get hands-free POV footage with the Universal GoPro Mask Mount from ScubaPro. It's designed to clip securely to the bridge of your favorite double lens mask -- no matter what brand it is. Maintain the integrity of your favorite mask, since it's easy to install with no drilling or altering. This also makes it easy to switch your mount to a different mask or diver. The clip-on design is secure so you don't have to worry about losing your GoPro in the deep. Start sharing underwater adventures from your unique first-person point of view with the Universal GoPro Mask Mount. Mask mount frees your hands and prevents you from ever losing your camera Lightweight and compact design for easy carry and invisible wearing Universal fit can securely attach to almost any double lens mask Easy installation for quick set up and mask switching Works with any model of GoPro Hero or Session