Scubapro G2 Console with Quick Release

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SCUBAPRO G2 Consle Diving Computer

With a full suite of diver-friendly functions, full-color screen options, and the ability to use as much or little technology as you want, the SCUBAPRO G2 Console diving computer features easy three-button control and an incredibly intuitive menu structure.

The G2 Console's direct connection to the tank provides a convenient quick-disconnect fitting that allows you to detach the computer from your regulator system for easy data downloading, travel, and storage. It's surrounded by an ultra-durable boot that protects the casing against bumps.

Perfect for divers of all skill levels, the G2 Console is ready to go wherever your passion for diving takes you.

Awesome Technology, Incredibly Intuitive

A personal dive computer is a diver's best friend. SCUBAPRO dive computers combine the highest degree of engineering mastership and user-friendliness, offering the ability to monitor depth and bottom time, track nitrogen loading and calculate decompression to make diving safer, easier and a lot more fun.


Key Technical Specs

  • Number of Gases: 8
  • Gas Capability: Trimix, 21-100% Nitrox
  • Algorithm: ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG
  • Operating Modes: Gauge, Scuba
  • Max Operating Depth: 394 feet (120 meters)
  • Memory Capacity: 485 MB (1,000 hours of dive profiles)


Full Color TFT Display

Featuring a 2.2-inch full-color TFT display with 320 x 240-pixel resolution, the G2 Console's cell phone-style screen produces vibrant colors for maximum readability to quickly direct your attention to what you need to know. It features a 485 MB internal memory that can store up to 1,000 hours of dive profiles.

You can easily download data wirelessly to your phone or handheld device via Bluetooth (compatible with Apple and Android devices using LogTRAK).


Personalize Your Dive

With the Predictive Multi-Gas Bühlmann ZH-L16 ADT MB dive algorithm, the G2 Console can program up to eight nitrox/trimix mixes to handle any recreational or technical diving scenario. The algorithm calculates true remaining bottom time (RBT), offers a series of Microbubble levels, and incorporates Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops.

The G2 Console also offers multiple dive modes, including Scuba and Gauge. Trimix mode is included, but requires activation—no downloading or upgrading required.



Deep Diving

The G2 Console has a maximum operating depth of 394 feet (120 meter) for reliable dive computing regardless of diving situation, and the rechargeable battery provides up to 50 hours of dive time per charge.