Scubapro Hydros Pro Womens BCD

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Introducing the key to transforming your dive experience. Hydros Pro is an
incredible feat of SCUBAPRO engineering-offering unprecedented convenience,
on-the-go configuration, specialized fits,and more. Hydros Pro isn?t just for
professionals. It?s for anyone who loves to dive. Instant Dry and Durable. No
water absorption means neutral buoyancy and a light weight BC that is dry when
it comes out of the water. Hydros Pro also stands up to UV, chemicals, and
abrasion. 2-in-1 BC With a quick switch of clips, Hydros Pro transforms from a
basic harness travel BC to a jacket with fully integrated weight pockets.
Smart-Pack Design. Pack your entire kit into the small backpack (included) or
25L dry bag and get going. Human Factor Diving and Modular Design. Easily add,
remove, or replace weight systems, straps, ouches, and more?even in the field.
Modula design is proven to extend BC lifespan due to simplified repairs. Leave
Nothing Behind. You can accessorize the Hydros Pro with a wide range of
mountable accessories and kits. No pockets necessary. Specialized Fits for
Women. Smaller air bladder. Shorter inflator hose. Curved shoulder straps that
fit perfectly. Experience the difference of diving with a more thoughtfully
designed BC for women. ExclusiveGel Harness System. Replaces traditional
manufacturing methods by replacing stitched fabric with soft, resilient.
Thermoplastic Elastomer harness components.The Monprene Gel construction
conforms to your body for extreme, lasting comfort.
  • No need for any special tools. Kit pre-switched to color kit.
  • Instant Dry and Durable. 2-in-1 BC.
  • Smart-Pack Design
  • Human Factor Diving and Modular Design
  • Leave Nothing Behind