ScubaPro Synergy 2 Scuba Mask

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  • The silicone is thicker and firmer
  • Provides needed support and rigidity
  • The silicone contouring the face is thinner
  • Gives a truly unique fit and seal.
  • Trufit Technology has a unique ribbing texture
Experience comfort and an expansive view with the Trufit Single-Lens Scuba Mask by ScubaPro. This dive mask features ScubaPro's TrueFit Dual Skirt system. It has a soft silicone inner skirt for a molded fit and a firm silicone outer skirt for rigidity. With the wide single lens, you'll experience an unobstructed view and clear vision. Use the rotating buckles and adjustable strap to secure a watertight fit. The buckles are attached to the mask skirt, for a more comfortable angle. It also allows the mask to fold flat, making it easy to pack away. Watertight design that comfortably molds to your face Single lens design offers wide horizontal and vertical field of view Double-skirt construction for a perfect fit and support Clear glass offers clarity underwater Rotating buckles on the skirt and a micro-adjustable strap for a secure fit Polycarbonate, High-Grade Silicone