Sea Dragon 2000F

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Sea Dragon Underwater Photo, Video, and Dive Lights Bring brilliant, vivid color into your underwater photos with Sea Dragon Lights. Read more Sea Dragon adds color and brilliance to your underwater photos and videos. Lighting is one of the most important components of underwater photography, and it’s essential in bringing out bright colors in underwater photos and videos. Compact and powerful Sea Dragon lighting makes it easy to add light to your dive and images. And with Flex-Connect trays, grips and arms, you can easily position yourself and the camera for any imaginable shot. Sea Dragon Lighting was developed and created by SeaLife, but you don’t have to own a SeaLife camera to enjoy the power, color and reliability of Sea Dragon lights – they fit on all or most cameras (depending on light or flash model), including all popular action cameras.  The Sea Dragon lights include the light head, a grip, and tray with standard -20 tripod mount screw. Use these components to create the perfect, ergonomic setup for your underwater photography. Flat Panel COB LED The Sea Dragon 2000 & 2500 use flat panel COB LED technology for a wide beam angle and to closely mimic natural sunlight, bringing out amazing colors in underwater photos and videos. These lights also include an adapter for popular action cameras. Auto Features. Auto Flash Detection helps eliminate undesirable shadows, color shifts or backscatter.  For Sea Dragon 1500, 2000, 2500, and 3000 lights, a high capacity, 3400mAh 25Wh Li-Ion battery is included. Pressure Release Valve Sea Dragon Lights are made with a pressure release valve to ensure safety when you're underwater. Should the battery malfunction and overheat, the light will release excess gas pressure. Flex-Connect Easily mount your Sea Dragon lights to almost any camera and create endless set-ups with Flex-Connect trays, grips, mounts and arms. 

  • WIDE BEAM ANGLE - The Sea Dragon features a 120 deg. topside beam angle, 90 deg. underwater and features three power levels at 100%, 50% and 25% of the 2000 lumen output, it is ideal to pair with compact action cameras, as it ensures the entire area being recorded is flooded with light
  • EASILY EXPANDABLE - The kit is easy to expand with SeaLife's Flex-Connect system of trays, grips, arms and adapters, it can be connected to any underwater camera system using standard 1/4-20 tripod or GoPro camera mounts
  • POWERFUL LED LIGHT - 2000 lumen LED light. Latest COB LED array technology, 80 Color Rendering Index (CRI) that mimics natural daylight, 120 deg. wide beam angle evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots, 60-minute run time at full power
  • CONSTRUCTION - Anodized aluminum light head with fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body, corrosion-proof metal light head for heat dispersion and durability, removable 25W Li-Ion battery with charger and international plug adapters, waterproof battery compartment
  • FEATURES - One button control for easy operation, three brightness modes, hidden emergency signal mode, quick-release button, easy to expand with YS or Flex-Connect mounting system, depth tested to 330ft (100m)