SeaLife SL9901 Flex-Connect Arm Compatible with Sea Dragon SL963, SL983, SL984

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  • Fiber-reinforced polycarbonate and marine grade stainless steel for maximum holding strength and durability
  • Flex-Connect mounts easily "click" into place, underwater or on land
  • Can be disassembled with the push of a button
  • Flex-Arms to extend your lights with 100-degrees of bending motion
  • Quick way to adjust to any dive environment
Expand your modular SeaLife Sea Dragon underwater camera set with the Sea Dragon Flex-Connect Flex Arm. Flex Arms feature 100 degrees of bending motion, add 7 inches in length to a Sea Dragon Grip, and allow you to direct light wherever you need it. Add up to two arms -- up to 14 inches -- on each side of the camera tray.