Swim Classes

Dear Swim School Families,


We are excited to be writing you to let you know that we are expecting to reopen our swim program in the upcoming weeks. The state Public Health Department has not yet authorized swim schools to open, and we want to make sure it is as safe as possible before opening. While you were away, we have been busy reformatting classes, class transitions, adding exciting new class curriculum and giving the shop some love. Due to the pandemic we will be making some changes to how swim classes operate in the immediate future. Below we have outlined: what we are doing to keep your family safe, changes to the class formats and what current students who had the Spring session cut short can expect.


We no longer feel we can move forward with the last 3 classes in the Spring session, since we have changed our program to reflect safety changes. Instead, we will begin enrollment for a brand new session. For those enrolled in the Spring session that was interrupted, we will be offering a prorated credit for the last 3 weeks we were not able to complete. This credit can be used towards our any class or private class in future sessions. It will automatically be credited to your family account and will be automatically applied first toward any future classes.


Changes in Class Format:

-All class sizes have been reduced.  All StarTot and StarBabies classes will now only have 4 students per class. We are introducing a new parent and me class for preschool age children that may not be ready for classes on their own called StarKids. This alternative will allow for less physical interaction with the instructor since these swimmers need more physical support. Classes for the older children are being reduced to just 3 students to allow each student to have their own swim platform.

-We will be performing temperature checks for instructors and everyone entering the pool area.

-We ask that families be mindful and limit class spectators to only essential family members.

-We will be offering a large range of private classes that can be booked directly on our website. Private lessons will be offered for an entire 8 week session for $350.

-We will be allowing 20 minutes between classes to break up crowding in the waiting areas.


Changes at Santa Barbara Aquatics:

-The entire building has been treated with an EPA registered dry fog called InstaPure. InstaPure kills all pathogens on contact and is non-toxic and safe for everyone. A second treatment called EverPure was then used, which creates and antimicrobial barrier that kills pathogens for 90 days. Part of this service includes weekly testing of surfaces to insure effectiveness.

-We have implemented a strict cleaning process to supplement the InstaPure cleaning. We will clean all high traffic areas and surfaced between every class and throughout the day.

-Masks will be required for all adults and children who are able in the waiting areas.

-We have also upgraded our pool equipment, putting in automatic chemical controllers and a soon to be installed saltwater chlorine system. We are very excited about the switch to saltwater – it will provide the same level of sanitizing but will be much gentler on the little swimmers.


The exact start date for the new session cannot be determined, but we expect to be able to open with these changes in the next few weeks if things continue as they are. We look forward to sending you another email soon announcing the start of registration.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email ashley@santabarbaraaquatics.com.

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