Zeagle F8 Regulator, DIN

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  • Our conical precision high-pressure valve provides much greater reliability and service life compared to conventional designs, while improving responsiveness and performance at all breathing rates
  • 0.72 Joule/Liter
  • *198 (60M) depth, 750 psi inlet, 62.5 RMV (liters per minute respiratory volume)
The can't get very far in scuba without one. The undisputed single most important piece of scuba diving equipment is your regulator. It is your lifeline; without it, you limit your underwater exploration to a single breath at a time. It needs to preform just as well in warm, calm tropical waters as it does in cold and current. Your breathing should be just as natural at depth as it is on land. Most of all, your regulator should be reliable, even after the abuse it receives dive after dive. Zeagle understands how important the regulator is. Our Flathead line of balanced diaphragm regulators have long been reputed as flawless preforming workhorses with excellent breathing characteristics. So what if we told you that we took our Flathead design and made it even better? With continued advancements in technology, we decided to do just that. But, we didn't just change a few things and give it a new name. We completely redesigned it and improved upon just about everything. Introducing the F8 - Zeagle's new flagship regulator.