Zeagle F8 Regulator, Yoke

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  • Our conical precision high-pressure valve provides much greater reliability and service life compared to conventional designs, while improving responsiveness and performance at all breathing rates
  • 0.72 Joule/Liter
  • *198 (60M) depth, 750 psi inlet, 62.5 RMV (liters per minute respiratory volume)
The Zeagle F8: A High-performing, Travel-friendly Regulator The Zeagle F8 Scuba Regulator provides an exceptional breathing experience from a diaphragm scuba regulator. The first stage of the regulator includes a dry-sealed spring chamber to prevent freezing in frigid waters, so it can even be used for cold water diving. Delicate components of the first stage are environmentally sealed off from contaminants and salt effects. This low profile regulator weighs just 2.6lbs dry, making it great for travel. It barely extends above the tank valve when in use. The low-pressure hose ports are connected directly from the sides, for an ideal configuration. The conical precision high-pressure valve is highly reliable, providing a long service life while still delivering impressive breathing responsiveness and performance. With its 2 year or 200 dive service interval, the Zeagle F8 Scuba Regulator is a great addition to your scuba gear. Zeagle F8 Scuba Regulator Features: First Stage: Balanced diaphragm with environmentally sealed ambient chamber Environmental seal cap and yoke knob for improved design aesthetics Precision machined neoflon seat for longevity constructed from a sturdy, reliable material Brass body Nitrile o-rings Stainless steel high pressure port Second Stage: Inhalation diaphragm for superior tear strength and improved breathing response time Improved exhaust valve provides lower exhalation effort Seat saving orifice retracts when not in use to ensure longevity Seat constructed from soft silicone molded over a metal insert to maintain airtight seal Zirconium plated inlet tube and heat sink to resist corrosion Co-molded silicone mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue Nitrile o-rings Elastomeric polymer diaphragm Silicone exhaust valve 2 HP and 5 LP ports Travel friendly 2.6 lb dry weight